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Classes and Training

At Two Rivers Armory, we pride ourselves in creating a welcoming environment where everyone can learn to exercise their second amendment right in a responsible manner. We believe in helping individuals and organizations enhance their confidence, skills, and situational awareness to promote community safety and security. 

We provide discounts to all of our courses for people who purchased a gun from us, couples, and organizations.

Course List: Basic Pistol, Personal Protection In The Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, West Virginia / Multi-State Concealed Carry, (Advanced) Defensive Pistol (Levels II & III), Basic Rifle, Defensive Carbine, Defensive Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety (non-shooting course), and Refuse To Be A Victim (non-shooting course). Let us know what courses you might be interested in and we will be glad to schedule them if there is enough demand!

Private Lessons / Coaching:  We can provide all of our certified training, training tailored specific to your needs, or skills improvement coaching. We can set up training at your location, our training room and range, or possibly another desired location. Please contact us to discuss out your training requirements and pricing.

For Organizations: We will conveniently provide instruction at your location. We can present any course in our portfolio. Some courses are designed to help build situational awareness and personal security confidence and do not require any live fire range time. Non-shooting courses include Home Firearm Safety and Refuse To Be A Victim. Please contact the instructor to discuss options and pricing.

We hope you will come learn with us.