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West Virginia Concealed Carry Qualification Course (6 hrs)

West Virginia Concealed Carry Qualification Course (6 hrs)


There are NO prerequisites to attend. This course is intended for all individuals, regardless of previous shooting experience. However, some basic knowledge of pistols is recommended, but not required.

Course Fee is $100 and includes a $75 non-refundable deposit that can be applied toward future classes if you cancel before the close of business two days prior to the class.

Small class sizes (6-10 students) and personal attention.

Two Rivers Armory presents a six hour Concealed Handgun Carry class taught by a certified instructor. This is NOT a NRA Certified class but does meet the requirements for a Concealed Handgun License in the state of West Virginia. This course does include live fire as required by West Virginia law and for most state license applications. Our course will walk you through the basics of safe firearm handling and prepare you to responsibly carry in West Virginia and states with reciprocity. With a successful completion of this course, you will be provided a WV CC course completion certificate and documentation. The training documentation provided will satisfy WV and possibly other states when applying for a concealed carry permit.

Class will start promptly at 9:00 AM with a projected end-time of 3:30 PM (has the potential of running longer based on the number of students and amount of required interaction). The course includes both classroom and range time. The live-fire portion of the course will be conducted on an outdoor range, approximately 10 to 15 minutes away. Students will meet at Two Rivers Armory at 8:30 AM. Students will depart the classroom around 1:00 PM and should be in place at the range by 1:20 PM for a range safety briefing and will proceed with the live fire portion of the class at 1:30 PM.

Please bring your lunch (and possibly a drink).

Use of your own pistol is required for class. Bring your pistol of choice along with at least 100 rounds of ammunition minimum for range time (if you want to bring more ammunition please feel free. Depending on time at the end of class additional range time may be available). Pistols may be brought into the classroom as long as they are unloaded and all ammunition is left in your vehicle (NO AMMUNITION WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASS ROOM). Ammunition for most pistol calibers are available for purchase at Two Rivers Armory any time prior to class day. If you do not have a pistol please contact us ahead of the class date for options on completing the class. The course topics include: gun safety rules, proper operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, ammunition knowledge and selection, pistol selection and storage, shooting fundamentals, pistol inspection and maintenance, marksmanship, basics of concealed carry, shooting range safety, and an overview of applicable Federal and WV laws and regulations (This does NOT constitute LEGAL ADVICE). Additionally, students will complete live fire training and a standardized shooting qualification while on the range with an NRA Certified Instructor/Chief Range Safety Officer.

Items Required for Class:

  • Pistol intended for carry or personal protection. We recommend .38 Special or 9mm as a minimum caliber. 
  • 100 Rounds MINIMUM of Appropriate FACTORY Ammunition for Your Pistol (No Hollow Points or Specialty Ammo).
  • Holster fitting your pistol. An Outside the Waistband holster made of hard form Kydex or stiff plastic is recommended. But an Inside the Waistband holster may be used with the approval of the instructor.
  • Eye Protection.
  • Hearing Protection (Ear Plugs or Muffs). Electronic ear muffs or plugs are recommended, but not required.
  • A sweat jacket or light coat that has a fully-opening, zippered or button front.
  • Notebook/Paper and Pen/Pencil for notes.
  • Appropriate, comfortable clothing for shooting outside based on the weather.
  • NO shoes with open toes and NO shirts/blouses with low cut necklines.
  • NO Ammunition will be allowed in the classroom.
  • If you have questions about any of these items, please contact the instructor.
  • Purchase Receipt as Proof of Registration.


  • Students who have purchased a handgun from the shop and two people who are attending as a couple will receive a $10/person discount (only one discount per purchase or person; discount to be refunded after course date).
  • WV Code §61-7-4(r): A person who pays fees for training or application pursuant to this article after the effective date of this section is entitled to a tax credit equal to the amount actually paid for training not to exceed $50. Provided, That if such training was provided for free or for less than $50, then such tax credit may be applied to the fees associated with the initial application. You can request additional information on this subject from the instructor.
  • Certification documentation from this course may also be used to apply for non-resident permits from states with similar requirements.

At Two Rivers Armory, we pride ourselves in creating a welcoming environment where everyone can learn to exercise their second amendment right in a responsible manner. We believe in helping individuals and organizations enhance their confidence, skills, and situational awareness to promote community safety and security. We hope you will come learn with us.

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